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Modernization Issues of Staffing the Penal Enforcement System in the Context of Formation of an Administrative Constitutionalism Doctrine in Modern Russia

Vasilyeva Ya. V., Nagornykh R. V., Mel’nikova N. A.

Nagornykh R.V., Vasil’eva Y.V., Mel’nikova N.A. Modernization issues of staffing the penal enforcement system in the context of formation of an administrative constitutionalism doctrine in modern Russia. Penitentiary Science, 2021, vol. 15, no. 4(56), pp. 896–903. DOI 10.46741/2686-9764-2021-15-4-896-903.

DOI: 10.46741/2686-9764-2021-15-4-896-903
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