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Theoretical, Legal and Organizational Foundations of Volunteer Activities in the Field of Social Adaptation of Individuals Sentenced to Non-Custodial Punishment in Russia

Babayan S. L., Ol’khovik N. V., Fadeeva S. A., Lakina I. A., Pitkevich L. P.

Babayan S.L., Ol’khovik N.V., Fadeeva S.A., Lakina I.A., Pitkevich L.P. Theoretical, legal and organizational foundations of volunteer activities in the field of social adaptation of individuals sentenced to non-custodial punishment in Russia. Penitentiary Science, 2021, vol. 15, no. 3 (55), pp. 502–511. DOI 10.46741/2686-9764-2021-15-3-621-627.

DOI: 10.46741/2686-9764-2021-15-3-621-627
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