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ZAINUtDINOV D. R. Transformation of the institution of the prosecutor’s office during the October Revolution of 1917 and the Civil War of 1918–1922 in Russia
LAPSHIN V. E., SHAKHANOV V. V. To the realization of the need for the philosophy of the law branches (reflections on some debatable issues posed in the monograph by S. A. Bochkarev “Philosophy of criminal law: questioning”)
KUZMIN S. I., YAKUSHINA E. S. Hierarchical structure in the criminal community
SILKIN V. P. On some aspects of criminal liability for sexual battery in relation to persons under the age of twelve
tERESHCHENKO t. G., LEGKY A. O. Criminological characteristics of penal crime in the Republic of Belarus
BABAYAN S. L., GARIBYAN K.K. The history of the development of the parole institute in Russia
BYKOV A. V., SMIRNOV A. M. Criminal lynching among convicts sentenced to imprisonment: characteristics and preventive measures
ANTONOV A. G. On the issue of relief from criminal liability for crimes against public safety
SELIVERStOV V. I. Social adaptation of persons released from correctional institutions in assessing public, human rights and professional opinion
RUMYANtSEV N. V. Legal and organizational basis for counteraction religious extremism and the terrorist threat at the present stage
BUKALEROVA L. A., UtOROVA t. N., SIZOV D. O. On the problem of artificial intelligence in criminal law
SUKHONDYAEVA t. YU., SANtASHOV A. L. Problems of unification of the military-criminal and procedural legislation in the XIX – early XX centuries
DERBINA O. V., KALACHEVA A. V. On the experience of organizing zonal control over the inquiry units of territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation at the district level
DECHKIN O. M. Data on the personality characteristics of convicts committed the grievous bodily injury in a correctional facility
PONIKAROV V. A. The subject and scope of evidence in cases of administrative offenses in the activities of correctional institutions and pre-trial detention facilities of the penal system
SHARKOVA E. A. Features of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus regulating the legal status of minors serving sentences


MALYSHEV K. B., MALYSHEVA O. A., SOBOLEV N. G. System-based definition and measurement of spirituality of personality of a cadet of a departmental university
KOVALEV S. V., CHIRKOV A. M. The ideas of conservatism in the methodology of legal psychology and psychotherapy of convicts
VOROBYOV S. M., SKRIPKINA t. P. Modern forms of prevention suicidal behavior of convicts in the practice of the Public Council at the Federal Penal Service on the problems of the penal system


KEVLYA F. I. The formation of a healthy lifestyle among juvenile prisoners in imprisonment
ZAUtOROVA E. V. Characteristic of moral and aesthetic breeding of convicted women
VILKOVA A. V., LItVISHKOV V. M., SHVYREV B. A. Integrated training as an element of extended learning of information security


KRUGLIKOV L. L., SANtASHOV A. L. the response of the leading organization to the dissertation of E. V. Ryzhov on the topic «Criminal responsibility for bringing to suicide», submitted for the degree of PhD. in Law 12.00.08 «Criminal law and criminology; criminal executive law» (supervisor – Dsc. in Law, Professor Yu. V. Golik)

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