Dear readers! Since 2007 the Vologda Institute of Law and Economics of the Federal Penal Service of Russia has published the scientific-practical journal “Penitentiary Science”, which allows effective interaction in researches with the bodies and institutions of the Federal Penal Service of Russia and other law enforcement agencies, educational and scientific institutions.

The main content of the publication is scientific articles, scientific surveys, scientific reviews and comments.

By the decision of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on October 22, 2010 the journal was included in the List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Dsc. and PhD. should be published.

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia dated July 25, 2014 No. 793 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation a new list of peer-reviewed scientific publications was compiled, in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of PhD., for the degree of Dsc. should be published (hereinafter – the List ), and which entered into force on December 1, 2015 (Letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia on the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications dated December 1, 2015 No. 13-6518). The scientific and practical journal “Penitentiary Science” is included in the List of the following scientific specialties: 12.00.01 – Theory and History of Law and State; History of the law and state studies (legal sciences); 12.00.08 – Criminal law and criminology; penal law (legal sciences); 12.00.09 – Criminal proceedings (legal sciences); 12.00.11 – Judicial activities, prosecutorial activities, human rights and law enforcement activities (legal sciences); 12.00.12 – Forensics; forensic activities; operational investigative activities (legal sciences); 12.00.14 – Administrative law; administrative process (legal sciences); 19.00.06 – Legal psychology (psychological sciences).

The journal publishes research materials by Russian and foreign authors on current issues of the appointment and execution of criminal sentences and other measures of a criminal law nature, crime prevention, development and activities of the penal system and other law enforcement agencies of Russia and foreign countries, including relevant problems of criminal, penal law and criminology, criminal procedure, judicial, prosecutorial, human rights, law enforcement, criminology, operative-search activity, psychology and pedagogy.

The journal publishes materials on historical prison issues, as well as on best practices in the field of the execution of various types of sentences and the training of specialists for law enforcement agencies.

In addition our journal publishes information on international, Russian and regional scientific events held by the institute, joint international projects and their results, publishes materials on the experience of prison services in other countries and public human rights organizations.

The editorial board of the journal includes leading scientists of the institute, scientific and educational institutions of the Federal Penal Service of Russia and other agencies. The journal is registered in the prescribed manner as a mass medium (certificate of registration of mass media ПИ № ФС 77-76598 dated August 15, 2019). The edition of the journal is 1000 copies. The journal has an ISSN number of 2076-4162.

The journal ensures the delivery of a mandatory copy of the publication to the Russian Book Chamber and the Vologda Regional Universal Scientific Library, and in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of December 9, 2013 “On some measures to increase the efficiency of state media”, to the Russian Information Telegraph Agency (ITAR-TASS) for 7 years.

The publication is registered in the Russian Science Citation Index (hereinafter – RSCI), which provides information about published scientific articles. In accordance with the agreement concluded with LLC “Publishing House “Lan”, each issue of the journal is placed in the electronic library system of this publisher on the website at:

In all post offices of Russia you can subscribe to the scientific and practical journal “Penitentiary Science” according to the Joint Directory “Press of Russia” by index – 41253. Printed copies of the journal can also be purchased at cost (numbers 2017 – 153 rubles per one printed copy).

Subscription conditions are contained in the first volume of the catalog on the pages indicated in the thematic and alphabetical indexes. The selling price for the minimum subscription period (6 months, two issues of the journal) is 560 rubles. 00 cop., including VAT – 10%.

The frequency of publication is 4 times a year.

We invite you to read and subscribe to the journal, and also ask for your suggestions and feedback on the materials published on its pages.


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