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BALCHINDORZHIEVA O.B., MYAKHANOVA A. N., SKIBA A. P. Development of the Chinese legal system: on the issue of combining law and morality
NAUMOV A. V. On the historical experience of preserving the territorial integrity of the state by criminal law means
MESHKO G., HAZIN R., SHISHIGINA S. N. A qualitative study of the self-legitimacy of prison workers in Slovenian prisons
POPOV V. V., SMOLEV S. M. The goals of criminal punishment as a reflection of modern criminal policy
PRONINA M. P. Malfeasances: features of law enforcement
CHEREKHOVICH M. M. The role of psychological work in the system of means for correcting convicts
KOSTERIN V. V. Criminal misdemeanor: assessment of embodiment forms and prospects of existence
GRIGORYAN I. G. Problems of legal regulation of certain forms of state bodies assistance in the work of penal inspections on execution of penalties and other criminal measures
SANTASHOV A. L., MUKHTAROVA E. A., TANTSYURA V. S. Legislative technique and its significance for lawmaking in the field of the branches of the criminal cycle
MASHINSKAYA N. V. Analysis of the project “On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation to provide the victim, suspect, accused with the possibility of reconciliation”
KRYMOV V. A. Criminal procedural delinquency counteraction: essence, concept and meaning
GOLODOV P. V. Actual problems in the activities of penal inspectorates: results of empirical research
KUNITSIN S. N. Improving the efficiency of prosecutorial supervision for the legality of the criminal procedural activities of the institutions of the Federal Penal Service of Russia during the preliminary investigation
GERASIMENKO N. I. Specifics of using the Internet in the investigation of extremist crimes
SMIRNOV A. V. The concept and the administrative-legal nature of public service in the prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation


TSVETKOV V. L., KHRUSTALEVA T. A. Psychological reasons and conditions of deviant behavior of juveniles in the temporary detention centers for minor delinquents
PANOVA O. B., ZAUTOROVA E. V., SOBOLEV N. G. Psychological mechanisms of development of social intelligence of juvenile convicts
BOVIN B. G., KAZBEROV P. N., BOVINA I. В. Radicalisation in prison: social identity approach


MESHCHERYAKOVA E. I. Cultural conformity principle in specialists’ professional training i n departmental educational organizations
BABKIN A. A. Methods of organizing work with data exchange buffers in the AKUS software complex when training employees of territorial bodies in advanced training courses and professional retraining of units heads of the penal institutions
МAZKINA O.B. Тhe correlation between moral position and socio-psychological characteristics of the individual in the student age


KUZNETSOV A. P. Review of the dissertation research by Sergey Vasilievich Kartashov on the topic «Criminal liability for illegal receipt and disclosure of information about commercial, tax or banking secrets»

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