PENITENTIARY SCIENCE Volume 13, № 1 Download



LAPSHIN V. E., SHAKHANOV V. V. The philosophy of penal law as a metafenomenal basis of the penal system
SELIVERSTOV V. I. The problem of determining the weight of postal parcels and transfers for convicts
KUZMIN S. I., MALETINA E. A. Classification of subcultural relations in the criminal community
NAGORNYKH R. V. The mechanism of administrative and legal regulation of the civil service in law enforcement and its content
KUZMINYKH A. L., STAROSTIN S. I. The main activities of the State Automobile Inspectorate of the Vologda region in 1937–1991
GOLODOV P. V. Effectiveness assessment technique of the penal inspections activities: problems and improvement means
BOROVIKOV S. A. On the construction of the purpose of punishment in criminal law
ANAPOLSKAYA A. I., DVORETSKY M. YU. The main methods and mechanism of legalization (laundering) of criminally obtained income using electronic payment transactions
KONDRATOVSKAYA S. N., VALKOVA E. V. Features of the labor organization of persons sentenced to compulsory and correctional labor
NEKRASOV V. N. Features of criminal liability for crimes in the field of telemedicine
LATYSHEVA L. A., SHCHERBAKOVA D. S. Problems of implementation of public control over the activities of institutions and bodies executing criminal sentences
PAVLOV A. A. Board of guardians as a form of interaction and public control in the Russian penal system (historical and legal aspects)
SEREDA S. P. Differentiation and individualization of execution imprisonment when changing the type of correctional institution
SANTASHOV A. L., EFREMOVA N. M. The use of compulsory medical measures against convicts: problems of differentiation and individualization
UTOROVA T. N. Problems of criminal liability for illegal crossing of the State border of the Russian Federation and their solutions
KARPUNINA V. V. Some general theoretical, technical and legal aspects of the legal culture of the penal legislation
NOVIKOV E. E. The value of legal facts in the mechanism of the penal regulation
RUDAKOV A. M. Realization of other convictions by convicted minors: organizational and legal aspects
PISAREV O. M., EFIMENKO A. A. On some directions of improving the educational process with convicts in penal institutions


ZAUTOROVA E. V. The study of existential values of HIV-infected prisoners sentenced to imprisonment
KOVALEV S. V., OBOTUROVA N. S., CHIRKOV A. M. Metaparadigma of spirituality in the methodology of legal psychology
KEVLYA F. I. Predictive ability of the penal system employee as a prerequisite for the implementation of advance support pupil
BASINA T. A. Features of self-attitude among cadets with different levels of propensity to manipulate

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