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OBOTUROVA N. S. The idea of justice in the philosophical understanding of law: history and modern contexts
ANTONYAN YU. M. What is crime
KRUGLIKOV L. L., SANTASHOV A. L. Theoretical and applied problems of individualization of responsibility in criminal and criminal executive law
GAYKOVICH S. L. Changing the conditions of serving imprisonment in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus: historical aspect
DVORYANSKOV I. V., FIRSOVA A. P. Differentiation issues in the mechanism of criminal law influence: statement of the problem
KRYUKOVA O. YU. Retrospective analysis of the concepts of crime and the subject of crime
DVORETSKY M. YU., ANAPOLSKAYA A. I. Death penalty: for and cons
ZVONOV A. V., GOLUBEV YU. V. Institute of criminal penalties under martial law: on the issue of legal restrictions
MELNIKOVA N. A., SIZOV D. O. Restriction of the suffrage of convicts as a manifestation of political absenteeism in Russia
AGASIEV E. G. On the issue of criminalization of preparatory actions in the criminal legislation of foreign countries (comparative analysis)
NEKRASOV V. N. Religious norms as a basis for differentiating criminal responsibility: the example of norms on crimes in the field of innovation
VALEEV A. T., BELOV O.A., SOFIYCHUK N. V. Stage of resumption of criminal proceedings of new and newly discovered circumstances: appointment and grounds of proceedings
KUZMINУKH A. L. Law enforcement agencies to combat crime in the Vologda region in 1985–1991 years
KUKHTIN A. A., KHARYUSHIN D. V., ODINTSOV A. I. Legal regulation of personnel training for penal system of the Russian Federation on educational programs of higher education
MOROZOV R. M., OSTAPENKO V. N. Features of overcoming the opposition carried out by suspects (accused) at the initial stage of the investigation of distance fraud committed in prisons
PONIKAROV S. V. Classification of normative acts regulating the law enforcement activities of special units of institutions and agences performing functions in the field of criminal penalties
NAGORNYKH R. V. Administrative and legal means of regulation of public service in law enforcement


LAPSHIN V. E., VINARCHIK E. A. Features of manifestation of tolerance of employees in various areas of professional in federal services subordinate Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation
MARISHIN S. V. Features of emotional states of the persons under investigation
PONKRATOVA V. S. The study of personality traits of convicts serving sentences for mercenary and violent crimes


ZAUTOROVA E. V. Features of educational work with repeatedly convicted convicts of conflict behavior
KOVTUNENKO L. V., TRUBCHANINOV M. B. Professional socialization of an employee of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia as a scientific and pedagogical problem


BELYAEVA L. I. The review of the official opponent on the dissertation of A. L. Santashov «Theoretical Foundations of Differentiation and Individualization of the Responsibility of Juveniles in Criminal and Penal Law», submitted for the degree of Dsc. in Law in specialty 12.00.08 «Criminal Law and Criminology; Penal Law»

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