PENITENTIARY SCIENCE Volume 13, № 3 Download




SHAVEKO N. A. Theory of Fair Punishment (between Kant and the utilitarians)
SHABAL V. S. The procedure for sending sentenced to arrest to the place of punishment
EMELYANOVA E. V., MATVEEVA T. P. On some organizational-legal problems arising during the release of persons who have served their sentences in correctional institutions of the penal system
KHRABROVA E. V. Features of educational work with citizens of CIS countries, sentenced to imprisonment
KILIMBAEV R. V. Public danger and criteria for its assessment
SKOBELEVA N. G. Criminal law and penal aspects of the application of the suspension of sentence
GERASIMOVA E. V. Theoretical and practical problems of applying Art. 291.1 of the Criminal Code due to the imperfection of its legislative structure
GORBAN D. V. Problematic issues of legal regulation of the grounds for introduction special conditions in the institutions of the penal system of Russia and ways to solve them
KHRULEVA V. V., MASLOV I. S. On some problems of fight against religious extremism in the penal system of the Russian Federation
BYKOV A. I. On the issue of exemption from criminal liability under the note to Art. 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
SOLOVYEV V. S., KISELEV S. S. Administrative prejudice in criminal law: from criticism to understanding
NEKRASOV V. N. Technologies in the criminal legislation of Russia: problems and prospects
LUTSENKO P. A. Forms of the exercise of judicial power in criminal proceedings in the context of the procedural status of the court as a participant in criminal proceedings
KOLYEV A. A., SUKHAREVA M. V. Legal and organizational aspects of marketing in penitentiary institutions
CHERNYSHENKO E. V. The method of committing illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in correctional facilities of the Federal Penal Service of Russia
NESTEROVА O. I. Features of the investigative work of employees of operational units of the Federal Penal Service
SENATOVA E. V. Administrative and legal support for the execution of criminal sentences by institutions and authorities of the penal system: problem statement


CHIRKOV A. M., KOVALEV S. V., OBOTUROVA N. S. Soteriological potential for the development of theoretical and methodological foundations of legal psychology and psychotherapy of convicts
KUSAKINA E. A., MALCHIKOV R. V. Psychophysiological compatibility of a specialist cynologist and service dog
CHERKASOVA M. A. Features of emotional intelligence of men convicted for violent crimes


ZAUTOROVA E. V., KOVTUNENKO L. V. Effective forms and methods of implementing an individual approach in educational work with convicts in prison
VOLODINA L. O. The values of family education in the context of Russian legislation (historical and pedagogical aspect)
DVORTZOV V. B., KOGOL T. N. The origin and approval of ideas for the correction and re-education of prisoners in Russia in the late XVIII – first half of the XIX century

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